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So, I was just going through my daily routine today. Wake up, check my stuff online, (which usually consists of both e-mails, my journal, the community, yahoo japan, gaia online, and deviant.) So upon checking what eeveelutions I could through shopping mall japan, I noticed a leafeon plush in particular. It looked like it had other things with it, and it got me slightly curious since I really don't want to collect the pokedolls badly. BOY WAS THIS THE BEST POKEDOLL EVER!!! What was so special about it you ask?

THE LEAFEON POKEMON CENTER CHARM IS WHAT'S SO DARN SPECIAL! Excuse my caps lock...I'm still in shock that I found it, and to boot, I found from the same seller...THE GLACEON POKEMON CENTER CHARM! So, now I've got both!! =ewe= teeheheheheheeeee!!!! Shall we have a look at them? I think so:

*SPAZZES* They had BIN PRICES!! =TvT= I was so happy I pranced around my house giggling like the giddy little girl I am sometimes XD This is the first time I've ever come across them on yahoo japan auctions...these things are so stinking hard to find, it's not even funny! =0_o;= I've heard of many members going on a mystic quest through yahoo japan to find these, but I'd never heard of a success in finding them =0A0;= I only knew of one member that'd found these charms, I'm not sure where...but they did find them and just recently, another member had gotten a hold of them on ebay! I was like awww man...only two members were able to get a hold of these charms...I'm so never finding them...=T~T= As you can see, it's just determination and luck of the draw! I have to thank fernchu though, because if she hadn't mentioned that her charm came with the pokedoll on ebay, I would have never given that pokedoll another look. I'm so excited!!! =>w<=
Tags: charm, charms, glaceon, leafeon, pokemon center
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