Kassia9/ScarletPianoWires (kassia9) wrote,

Commissions Round 7 part 4

Everyone can read my terms, conditions and just how I go about doing customs here: Terms and Conditions

If anyone would like examples, they are here: Gallery

I do sometimes do art trades, so you're welcome to shoot me an offer if you'd like =^^=

Here's a rough run down of how my commissions work:

~I ship internationally, I'm from the US, and my home is pet free
~I would prefer paypal payments, (if that's inconvenient for you, message me and we could work something out), please no gifts [I heard too many can get your paypal frozen.]
~If you really want a plush but it's a bit pricey, I can do payment plans for the second fee ;)
~Everyone pays the materials fee up front.
~I will not ask for the last second payment until I start your plush
~I will also not finish your plush until I've received the second payment. If I cannot for some reason reach you within three days of requesting the first payment, I will halt your plush production and move on to the next person beneath you until the first payment is received. I will proceed to start back up after finishing the plush I was working on previous to the payment.
~The time it takes to make these plush may vary due to life's unexpected tendencies, so I can't really give you a good time frame, but I will try to do them within 15-20 days.
~There will be three payments, one for the materials before starting the plush, one for the plush when I start it, and one for the shipping/paypal fees after I finish it.
~Also, if you guys wouldn't mind letting me know when you receive your plushies, that would be wonderful
~Images: Sometimes I have them, make plans to take them and post them, but for one reason or another, if it doesn't get posted before you receive your plush, please don't take it personally :( I get really busy sometimes and it just slips my mind more often than not.

Pricing: Supplies fee, a skein of yarn costs $3-$5. For every color that I don't have already, there will be $3-$5 extra onto your total. Commission fees will range from $20 - $40 depending on which pokemon you guys request. You can request anything your little heart desires because I'll accept any pokemon. Shipping and Paypal fees will be added to your total as well.

1. Kevin - Psyduck - processing: 50% comeplete
2. Jadekitty777 - Female Pikachu - pending
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