Rekindled Interest?

A friend of mine has recently rekindled a collecting love of mine. Pokemon...yeah, yeah...most of my friends would gripe, but I don't care; I'm gonna collect and take interest in what I want regardless of what anyone says or thinks. My favorite thing is the games and my second favorite thing is some of the really cute and nifty merchandise they come out with. So, what does any of this have to do with live journal? ONLY A HUGE PART IN MY COLLECTING OF ADORABLE AND UNIQUE MERCHANDISE! I found this nifty little community that shares so many intriguing things about pokemon, it's astounding. I'm now a member and my collection is becoming broad. I'm slowly but surely filling in the gaps of my want list. I knocked a couple of things off it, and gained some unexpected ones. I'm glad to be part of this new community and have my love for pokemon reignited with determination.

Okay, so I've lightly started to collect and have a good idea of the area I would like to be in for collecting. I like little knick-knack things so I thought it best to collect the pins, keychains, and other little do-dads that I find with eeveelutions on it.

So here's my collection site:

Eeveelution Collections

Also, so I can find it better, and so everyone else can find it better, here's my feedback page: